ED-H30SS Eurotech 2 Element 30cm Hotplate
Key Features Number of Elements: 2- 1 x 145mm Thermostatic Heating Plate - 1500W- 1 x 180mm Thermostatic Heating Plate - 2000W Front Control with Bakelite Knobs Overheat Protection Variable Controls 1-6 Electrical Loads: 230-240V 50-60Hz Max Rated Inputs: 3500W...
AWARD PI2001 Portable Induction Hotplate
Key Features Portable Induction Hotplate 2000W Timer Variable power or temperature control Perfect supplemental cooking appliance Plugs into normal 3-pin plug Dimensions W 310 x H 75 x D340 mm
Award 8011 Mini Kitchen
Key Features 25L White Mini Kitchen Thermostatic Control Double Glazed Door Enamel Oven Interior Oven: 1000watt Left Hotplate: 1500watt Right Hotplate: 900watt Max Load: 2400watt (can use maximum of 2 x hotplates or oven + small hotplate at the same...
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