Operating in NZ since 2001, Direct Hospitality Supplies (DHS Ltd ) is a trusted wholesaler of quality brands of TV’s, Wall Brackets, DVD’s, Electrical Appliances, Whiteware Appliances, Heat Pumps, Conference Equipment and Bedding to the hospitality industry throughout New Zealand.

DHS prides itself on having quality products, trusted brands, industry knowledge and a focus on service and price. We are just a phone call or email away for advice on products and are happy to work with you to ensure what you order best suits your needs. Our ordering system is a simple phone call, email or web form and once ordered most deliveries are free to your door, please check first. Account customers are not invoiced until after the products are delivered and have until the 20th of the following month to settle.

DHS operates on low overheads and small margins so we can supply our customers with quality products and quality service at the lowest prices. We supply the product direct to the client, taking out a few hands in between and always at a price that’s better than the opposition. We pride ourselves on service and honesty

No order is too big or too small and you can be guaranteed personal attention and excellent after sales service.

We hope you find what you are after and if by chance you cannot please let us know, as it may not be on the website or we may be able to source it. Sometimes just a few more enquiries are all that's needed to make it a reality.

We can be contacted anytime on 0800 888 334, or email us at sales@hospitalitysupplies.co.nz

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